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Meeting at school in 2002 and hailing from Manchester, UK, the four musicians which make up The 1975, are known for combining sex, love and fear into their indie pop style music. Lead singer and guitarist Matt Healy, drummer George Daniel, Adam Hann on guitar and bassist Ross MacDonald started out covering punk songs at gigs but soon introduced the styles of the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Motown into their music. Healy however, has also cited Roberta Flack and D'Angelo as inspirations, saying that they are a post-modern pop band that references a million things. Healy went on to say that he didn't even know what his band is half the time. The band, however, has been described as electropop, indie pop, indie rock, rock and pop rock. It was in 2012 that the lead track from the EP 'The City' was played on BBC Radio, and the performance made a huge impression. Their popularity rocketed up and soon they were playing at shows right across the UK. It was in 2013 that their self-titled debut was released, becoming a number one album in the UK. The group started gaining attention in the United States too, with this number one reaching number 28 on the Billboard. At the same time the band started moving towards pop and R&B sounds. In April 2014, the band performed in a major American music- and arts festival Coachella, playing at the Royal Albert Hall in the same month. One thing's for sure- with The 1975 you get original music. Healy doesn't really respect artists who don't write their own material, and he likes to tell his ardent fans that when they check out the credits of the group, they'll find that every note and every song is written and produced by him and drummer, George Daniel. It's their very own production - it IS The 1975. The 1975 are British guitar music’s rising stars and have already topped the charts in many countries with their 2nd album 'I Like It when You Sleep, for you are So Beautiful, Yet so Unaware of It'. One of their shows at the O2 Arena sold out within 3 hours.

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